Working Safer And More Efficiently In The Kitchen


The kitchen can be a dangerous place if you are not careful. There are a lot of different cooking tasks that can pose a risk, mainly to our fingers, if we forget to pay full attention to what we are doing. It is easy to get distracted or rush as we are trying to cook a healthy homemade meal for the family, and this is where we can get in trouble. Using a dull knife can also increase your risk for an emergency room visit. This is where having the right appliances can really save us. Even the most experienced chefs still get cut by the slip of a knife, so why do amateurs insist on trying the same thing.

Do you fingertips a favor and invest in a food processor. Not only will they help protect from accidental cuts and nicks, but they are also quite helpful and can save you a lot of time. If you have not looked at what today’s food processing machines can do then you might be surprised with just how versatile they really are.

How A Food Processor Can Help

There are many different areas in which having one of these machines at your disposal can help. The two main ones are saving time and enabling you to put down the knife and get away from the cutting board.

Time Saver

If you prepare a lot of meals that require you to cut, dice, mince, or slice different vegetables into smaller pieces then using a food processor is definitely the way to go. The best rated food processors usually have wide feed chutes that can accommodate larger sized foods. Simply dropping your veggies into the machine with the appropriate cutting disc will enable you to make quick work with a consistent size. This will more than likely reduce your work load in this area by more than half. If your recipes seem labor intensive then using one of these will be a real blessing.

Safety Features

Most of today’s top models also have some sort of safety lock that ensures that the blades of the food processor will not operate unless the lid is securely in place. This will allow you to quickly chop and slice your way through your recipes without worrying about hurting yourself. The only real area of concern will be removing the blades for cleaning. This is something that should be handled with care. But not only are today’s food processors quick but they are also extremely safe, although kids should not operate them without strict adult supervision, or preferably not at all.

Other Uses

Food processors are not just for cutting vegetables either. You can mix dough, make batter, grind nuts, make salsa, shred cheese, puree sauces, make bread crumbs, and a whole lot more. With a variety of paddles, blades, and other attachments, this is one appliance that you can use in multiple areas of the kitchen. It is truly a great value buy for your home. When you have control of the ingredients you also have control over how healthy that your family eats. Make homemade nut butter, and healthy salsa without any of the preservatives that may be found in store bought brands. Looking out for your family’s diet is also a way to keep them safe in the long run.

Are They Expensive?

Just like any type of small kitchen appliance, food processors come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Cuisinart makes some of the most popular model food processors and they run somewhere in the middle on price. Not super affordable, but not out of reach expensive either. One of these will run you between $100 and $250 depending on the size and the power. But they are worth it. Cuisinart or Breville are rated as the top ovens in their class. Their scores and reviews from owners are nothing short of impressive and you know when you get one of their machines that you are getting high quality. Breville food processor reviews will shed some light on why these are so highly regarded in the kitchen.

Breville makes a superb model (the BFP800XL) but this is going to cost quite a bit of money. While they are highly rated by owners for their power, reliability, and performance, they will cost about $400 which puts it out of reach for a lot of buyers.

The best budget options are going to be Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker. They both make models that deliver a lot of bang for the buck and are a definite asset to just about any kitchen. These can usually be had between $40 and $80 and they offer great value for the price. These are also great options for first time buyers who are just not sure how often they will actually use their food processor.

Your Fingers Will Thank You

Why risk a serious mishap when there is a way to put down the knife for good for just about any cooking task. Having a food processor, and using it correctly, will help you reduce the risk of accidents in the kitchen as well as speed everything up. As long as find one that fits your budget and the size of your family, then you are going to come out ahead in your home.

Budget Convertible Child Seats That Don’t Compromise On Safety

If you are in the market for a new child safety seat then you may have gone through a little bit of sticker shock. There are quite a few models out there that promise the latest innovations and safety features that you absolutely must have at an extraordinary price. The truth is, when you buy a new car seat from a reputable store you can rest assured that the seats being sold have met or even exceed current regulations required for child equipment. You do not have to feel guilty that you may be skimping on the safety of your child by finding something that is actually affordable.

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some of the top convertible car seats available for those who cannot afford to splurge on the latest and greatest. Our goal was to find some safe options that will provide parents with something to let them drive worry free knowing their child is protected. The latest convertible child car seat ratings and reviews are a smart a starting point to discover which options are the most important to consider. Here is the list that we came up with.

Top Budget Convertible Seats

We have been able to find quite a few good options that get really good ratings from parents that you can feel comfortable getting for your child. Getting into an accident is quite a scary experience which is why you should always be prepared.

EvenFlo Tribute LX

This is a great example of a child seat that you feel good about buying that won’t break the bank. This can usually be found at around $50, but it has a lot to offer both parents and kids that makes this one of the best value options on the market.

  • Thoroughly test to meet and pass all current safety regulations. Side impact protection and structural integrity that is second to none.
  • Easily adjusted harness to provide the perfect fit.
  • Compact and lightweight that makes it a breeze to move between different vehicles.
  • Simple to remove seat pad that is machine washable for the ultimate convenience.

If you are on a super tight budget then this is the convertible child seat for you. The Tribute LX is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and provide an extremely safe ride for your child.

Graco My Ride 65

Rated for children 5 to 65 pounds, the My Ride 65 is another excellent safety seat for parents with a slightly larger budget. This can be found online for around $120. While not as affordable as the EvenFlo Tribute LX, it still offers parents enough safety and comfort features to provide tremendous value.

Uses energy absorbing foam to help shield your child from potential crash forces.

Rigorously tested to meet and exceed standards for child seats.

Machine washable seat pad for added convenience. The entire seat is designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Two cup holders which every seat should come with. A happy passenger makes for a happy driver and this can make a world of difference.

LATCH compatible for secure and simple installation.

Even though this particular model was recalled back in 2014 for a faulty harness buckle, those issues were quickly dealt with and fixed. You can be confident that the excellent ratings that this model has received from parents is accurate.

Disney APT Convertible Safety Seat

This makes perfect sense that Disney would have their name on their own line of convertible car seats. They have both a “Mickey” and “Minnie” version that any boy and girl would love to ride in. Not only are they super cute, but they are also safe and inexpensive. These are generally found in the $50-$60 range.

  • 5 point harness that is easily adjustable to keep your child safe and snug in the seat.
  • Provides excellent side impact protection.
  • LATCH equipped for easy installation.
  • Double cup holders, again a very underrated feature to have.

The one downside to this particular convertible seat is that it is only rated for children up to 40 pounds. Most of the newer convertible safety seats can handle children up to 65 lbs. This is something to keep in mind as you will have to purchase another seat sooner rather than later. At this price point it is worth it just to see your kids face’s light up if they are a Disney fan.

Lose The Guilt

This is just a small sampling of the quality car seats available for parents who are on a budget. You should not feel guilty or ashamed for not having $400 to spend on a safety seat for your child. Spending less does not mean that your child will be in danger in the back seat of your car using something that cost less. As long as you buy a known brand name from a reputable store then you should have nothing to worry about.

The Features That Make The Breville 800JEXL Shine In The Kitchen

Breville is among the most established juicer brands out there, so when we decided to get a new juicer for our kitchen this was the first and last place that we looked. Fresh juice is an incredible way to start out the day. We thought rather than just serve the traditional orange juice at breakfast time we would try to offer our customers something even healthier. Our 800JEXL has been extremely reliable for us over the years so we thought we would return the favor and offer up some of what makes this machine so great for others. We highly recommend this juicing machine to anyone who is currently looking for something for their own kitchen.

Breville 800JEXL Juicer Review

This is an innovative combination of home kitchen convenience and commercial performance. This review may seem biased and that is because we truly fell in love with it the first time we used it. You will find that the 800JEXL is prominent in every top 10 list and is ranked as one of the best juicers for home users. Included are its features, the advantages it’s offering as well as the disadvantages.


After easy assembly, you’re definite to love the beautiful construction, with a stainless-steel, die-cast body right over your countertop. The 800JEXL features a stainless steel, die-cast body along dishwasher-safe parts. Its heavy construction maintains it steady on your countertop. The slick design generally looks great on kitchen counters.


Made of a die-cast metal body, the 800JEXL is relatively more steady when juicing. This unit is specially designed to last amazingly longer. Its superior construction doesn’t just end with the appealing looks, but also with enhancing its durability aspect.


With just a button’s press, the process will begin. The juicer’s heavy-duty motor runs at 1,000-Watt to extract your vegetables and fruits. This motor particularly supplies 2 speeds, which you can control through a selector. Usually, the low 6500 RPM suits soft ingredients while the high 13,000 RPM proves ideal for the hard ones.

You need not waste neither energy nor time since the patented, 3″ wide feet chute is able to hold as whole. The 115 titanium-reinforced cutting blades within the Nutri Disc crush the ingredients smoothly and totally. Besides that, the stainless-steel, mesh filter works to spin out the pulp.

The juice then flows via a short pipe, to a 34-fl. oz pitcher. The pulp is then directed to a large 100-fl. oz container. The heat is suitably limited, hence no need of worrying about fast oxidation. Breville has also included a food pusher which you can adjust to increase and enhance the result. The juicer, as a system, gives more juice with higher amounts of minerals and vitamins.


Cleaning up this juicer is satisfyingly easy, a feature rarely notable with juicers. Given that it’s made of stainless steel, all you’ll need is a cleaning brush. All its parts, but the filter, are well engineered to be dishwasher-safe and are easily removable. On completing the clean-up, you’re assured of no stains, or any similar issues.


A locking arm is maintained to conveniently ensure a snug fit. Considering that the blades are titanium-reinforced and quite sharp, it’s highly advisable that you avoid sticking any fingers, or similar body parts down onto it.

A red-colored safety lock button, located right underneath the unit, shuts it off automatically in case of oveheating. You can press this safety lock button again once the machine cools off, and you’ll have activated the masticating juicer. This also serves as a child’ safety lock device.

What’s Included?

  • A pulp container
  • A safety-locking arm bolt
  • A recipe/manual book
  • Juicing pitcher


  • The juicer’s appealing design makes it quite an elegant model
  • Assembling, operating and maintaining the juicer are all quite easy
  • It’s conveniently durable
  • The 800JEXL is flexible with distinct kinds of produces at 2 speeds
  • The remarkable power and high speed are certain to fascinate you
  • Safety, and the noise level as well, are really fine
  • It can handle numerous ingredients via the large feed chute handles, generating top quality juice
  • It comes with an exclusive, luring 1-year warranty package


  • The juicer can’t extract leafy greens
  • The high speed may make particles to fly out
  • Some users have claimed that the unit is somehow expensive


The Breville 800JEXL is notably quite a durable model, boasting high RPM and a large capacity. It has been designed specially to allow for efficient, nutritious juicing. The juicer appeals to its users, most especially due to the impressive features. It comes along with a manual, containing clear and detailed instructions, which are well easy to comprehend and follow. Juicing is still trending in an upward direction as more people realize just how simple and easy it is to improve your diet. This is the perfect accessory to help you achieve this.

It’s a simple, yet powerful juicer that gives abundant nutritious juicing for your health. Thanks to its superb performance and incredible ability, the Breville 800JEXL deservedly ought to be among your top options should you ever want to get into juicing.